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                  Why Industrial Monitor Has a Blue Screen?

                  Jul. 05, 2019

                  There are many reasons for the blue screen of Industrial Monitor, both software and hardware. For example, the software installed on the industrial tablet has conflicts with the windows system; there is a conflict between the software and the software, the system file is damaged or the computer is poisoned.

                  If it is a blue screen caused by Industrial Grade Monitor software, the poisoning is not deep, and it can be solved by U disk or optical drive re-system. The following small series explains the industrial tablet blue screen is due to hardware problems.

                  On the hardware, industrial tablet PCs generally have a blue screen 80% of the problem in memory, followed by power supply transformers, some may be insufficient power supply, and finally the temperature may be too high, the fan system has problems with CPU overclocking and other hardware problems.

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