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                  What tests does qualified industrial tablet PC need to pass?

                  Jun. 04, 2019

                      The realization of industrial automation is the embodiment of Industry 4.0. The important products for Industry 4.0 are industrial tablet computers. What is industrial tablet PC ? Why do industrial tablet PCs appear ? What tests do industrial tablets need to pass to qualify market standard ?

                      What is an industrial tablet PC? What kind of test does an industrial tablet need to pass? Industrial computers are computers used in industrial environments. They are based on hardware devices that integrate computer applications and are integrated into a small chassis. Therefore, industrial computers are also called industrial host, industrial control host, industrial computer, industrial embedded PC, and other names.

                      At present, industrial computers have developed into two major forms. One is only one mainframe, no industrial computer with display and touch, this kind of computer is the industrial mini PC we usually refer; The other is an industrial computer with display and touch, such kind of computer is what we call an industrial tablet PC.

                  Why are industrial tablets appears ?

                      Before the emergence of industrial computers, ordinary computers are generally used as machines for controlling industrial production lines. Since ordinary computers are used in production lines, in the event of a computer crash, serious damage may occur, so the standard parameter required by industrial computers must meet strict specifications and expandability.

                      Industrial tablets are different from ordinary computers, mainly due to the difference for using environment and the required performance. Ordinary computers can require high running speeds, while industrial tablet PCs require perfect performance at a speed that guarantees performance stability.

                      As manufacturer of industrial tablet PCs, it is so important to provide high quality and stable performance industrial PCs to customers. So, what kind of test does an industrial tablet PC need to pass?

                          1. Installation specification test;

                          2. Vibration test;

                          3. Power consumption test;

                          4. motherboard heat-dissipation test;

                          5. Operation under wide temperature test;

                          6. ESD anti-static test;

                          7. 1.2 m Horizontal dropping test ;;

                          8. IP65 protection rated test.

                      Above is the introduction of industrial tablet PCs. Unlike ordinary computers, its performance is more stable in many aspects. These tests are the items that industrial tablet PCs must carry out. All Touch Think series industrial tablet PCs have passed strict test, and approved certificate from authoritative testing agency, such as ISO, CE, ROHS, FCC etc. Customers can choose different models according to demand.

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