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                  How to Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Issues of Industrial Monitor?

                  Jul. 10, 2019

                  Industrial touch screen display is a display with touch function used in industry. When touching function is not sensitive, how to solve it? First of all, let's find out the reasons why the touch screen is not working, and then we'll think about the countermeasures.


                  1. Analysis and solution of Resistive Touch Screen Faults

                  Failure(1): mouse and arrow do not coincide

                  Phenomenon: The position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

                  Analysis: After installing the driver, there is no vertical touch of the center of the target when correcting the position. The signal lines on the touch screen are not in good connection or open circuit.

                  Solution: Re-calibrate position; find breakpoints and reconnect or replace touch screen.


                  Failure(2): Accuracy and Deviation of Touch Screen

                  Phenomenon: When not touched, the mouse arrow always stays at a certain position. When touched, the mouse arrow is at the middle of the touching point and the original stopping point.

                  Analysis: There are something else (non-active touch) pressing the effective working area of the resistance touch screen. 

                  Solution: Remove the extra thing in the effective working area of the oppression resistance touch screen.


                  Failure(3): Touch unresponsiveness

                  Phenomenon: When touching the screen, the mouse arrow has no action and no position change. 

                  Analysis: There are many reasons for this phenomenon, here list it one by one as follows: 

                  (1) Touch screen malfunction

                  (2) Touch screen control card malfunction.

                  (3) Touch screen signal wire malfunction.

                  (4) The serial port of the host computer has malfunction.

                  (5) The operating system of the computer has malfunction.

                  (6) Installation error of touch screen driver.


                  2. Common Faults and Solution of Resistance Touch Screen

                  (1). Resistance touch screen mouse moves only in a small area or the resistance touch screen is inaccurate.

                  Usually this will happen in the first installation of the driver. Please run the touch screen calibration program. After changing the resolution of the display, the touch screen calibration program also need to run.

                  (2). The mouse always appears at a point on the four sides of the display because the touch area of the resistance screen is pressed by the display shell or cabinet shell (the surface of the resistance screen is divided into touch area and non-touch area, clicking on the non-touch area has no response), which means a point being touched all the time. If the cabinet case holds down the touch area, you can adjust the distance between the cabinet and the display screen. If the display case holds down the touch area, you can try to loosen the screw of the display case. If the problems still not resolved, please contact the industrial monitor manufacturer.


                  All above is for the industrial touch screen monitor's touching failure analysis and solutions, operators must operate theindustrial touch screen monitor according to the operation manual strictly. Once encountering touching faults, it must be solved by professionals, do not unauthorized disassembly. More questions about industrial touch display, welcome to consult Touch Think.

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