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                  What are the common faults of industrial capacitive Touch screen?

                  Jul. 08, 2019

                  Industrial touch screen is appiled to industrial monitor, industrial all-in-one panel PC. It can be divided into non-touch, resistive touch and capacitive touch screen. Capacitive touch is a common touch mode. When industrial capacitive screen fails, how to solve it? What are the principles to follow? Here let's talk about it.


                  The so-called "Drift phenomenon" of capacitive screen mainly refers to the following situations:


                  1. Making mistake action to touch operation, i.e. when touching point A location, touching response from point B location; 

                  2. Without touching, but shows a mistake action, it refers to the body or conductive material is close to the screen, and has not touched, but it will make a touching response;

                  3. No respond from screen after touch operation, that is to say, the touch screen has no respond after the finger touched the display.


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