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                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Waterproof Dust-proof 10.4"

                  Size: 10.4

                  Touch Think industrial all-in-one tablet PC with IP65 rated dust-proof and waterproof for front panel.

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                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Rated Water proof and Dust-proof 10.4"

                  Touch Think the fourth generation of 10.4 inch Windows 7/8/10 OS industrial tablet PC is perfect choose 

                  for outdoor work, flexible for embedding into all kinds of fixed or mobile equipments. They're designed to 

                  meet durability standards in harsh industrial conditions, IP65 rated water-proof and dust-proof, also, anti-

                  vibration, anti-interference. Support interfaces customizable.

                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Waterproof Dust-proof 10.4"

                  Highlight of the 4th generation of Industrial Panel PC compared with previous versions

                  1. Industrial technology stylish appearance, thin frame design, small size, wide picture display.

                  2. 10mm thickness for the front panel, stronger impact-resistant. Arc edge angle design, good touching 

                  experience for operator.

                  3. IP65 rated dust-proof and water proof, light and thin for whole panel PC, which meet the development 

                  trend for industrial panel PC.

                  4. Self-developed motherboard, more stable performance, lower power consumption.

                  5. Professional and strong R&D team to provide comprehensive technical support.

                  6. The industrial panel PC is pre-installed Windows 7 system, also support other system customization.

                  Display of Touch Think 4th Generation of Industrial Panel PC

                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Waterproof Dust-proof 10.4"

                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Waterproof Dust-proof 10.4"

                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Waterproof Dust-proof 10.4"

                       Touch Think Industrial All-in-one Panel PC Application

                  Industrial All in one Tablet PC IP65 Waterproof Dust-proof 10.4"

                      The industrial panel PC plays an important role in the process of industrial production. And with the 

                  fast development of industrial 4.0, industrial all-in-one PC are widely used in more various of industrial 

                  production, commercial terminal devices, medical self-service devices and so on. Since the computer 

                  entered the field of industrial design, engineers can quickly input design graphics and data into com-

                  puter using existing software. Once a modification is needed, the computer will execute it quickly by 

                  simply entering the relevant commands for the modification. When the modification is completed and 

                  an order is issued, the computer will produce detailed engineering drawings according to the design 

                  scheme. With such obedient and smart helpers, engineers can leave more time to conceive of newer 

                  and better products.

                  In the process of industrial manufacturing, industrial computers can also act as assistants in production 

                  scheduling. It can calculate the demand of raw materials, equipment and workers at a very fast speed, 

                  and select the best scheme for the reference of managers.

                  In industrial workshops, industrial computers can take the place of human beings to control all aspects 

                  of production. For example, in the fermentation stage of monosodium glutamate production, tempera-

                  ture, pressure and acidity and alkalinity need to be controlled. When control these factors by manual, 

                  the production is very unstable and the quality and output of products fluctuate greatly due to various 

                  reasons such as different skilled workers, different experience and external interference factors to the

                  operators. Some factories adopt industrial computer to control. The daily output can be increased by 

                  two or three tons, and the profit can be increased by nearly 30,000 CNY. The effect is very remarkable.

                  All Touch Think industrial all in one panel PCs have passed international quality certificates as below.

                  Tablet PC CE

                  Screen parametersScreen size10.4 inch
                  Proportion 4:3 square size screen
                  Motherboard parameters CPUintel Celeron J1900 2GHz quad-core (optional Intel Celeron 1037 1.8GHz dual core, optional Intel H81 equipped with Core i3/i5/i7)
                  Hard Disk32G SSD (Optional 64G SSD/500G HDD)
                  Memory 2G DDR3 (supports 8G DDR3)
                  Audio Integrated Audio Chip
                  NetworkIntegrated Gigabit LAN
                  Wireless network built-in wifi antenna, support wireless connection
                  Graphics Cards Integrated Graphics
                  System pre-installed windows7, support other version
                  Speakers available
                  Interface parametersUSB interface8"-10.4":USB2.0*2, Other sizes: USB2.0*3+USB3.0*1
                  Serial Interface8"-10.4": COM*1, Other Sizes: COM*2, Default RS232 Protocol, Can Change 422/485 Protocol
                  WIFI connector WIFI antenna*1
                  Power InterfaceDC 12V*1
                  High-definition interfaceHDMI*1
                  Extended displayVGA*1, support for synchronous dual display and differential display
                  Network interfaceRJ-45*1
                  Audio InterfaceAudio I/O
                  Support extensionsMultiple industry interface support customization
                  Display parametersColor16.7M
                  Point distance 0.264mm
                  Screen Panel 

                   Industrial control panel

                  Display brightness400cd/m2 (customizable high brightness above 400cd/m2)
                  View angle(H160 (V) 160, customizable wide viewing angle 178°
                  Backlight type LED backlit screen Lifetime ≥ 50000h
                  Gray-scale response time 5ms
                  Touch OptionalResistive/Capacitive/Infrared Touch Screen/Mouse Control
                  Installation methodEmbedded, desktop, wall-mounted, cantilever
                  Other parametersPower12V-5A Professional External Power Adapter
                  Power consumption ≤60W
                  Working temperature-10°C~60°C
                  Storage temperature-20°C~60°C
                  Relative humidity0%-65% (without condensation)
                  MaterialFull body made of aluminum alloy material
                  Color Silver/Black
                  Warranty PolicyOne year free warranty
                  Degree of protection Front panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof
                  Packing list Industrial Tablet PC / Mounting Accessories / Power Cord / Power Adapter / Driver CD / Manual / Warranty Card

                  Touch Think industrial computers are widely used in multimedia, mobile telecommunications, power national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing industry, operation man-machine interface, industrial client, PLC and POS communication and control terminals. They also are used in public places such as banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subway stations and parks as media (advertising) players or information-checking terminals.

                  These industrial computers are suitable for desktop, wall-mounted, or embedded in other machine, cabinet or install on the operating table, man-machine display operation interface. They are also served as bedside service terminal and outpatient terminal in digital hospitals, which improve the hospital services and management level.

                  In addition to the above areas, they are used as home service terminals in high-end districts to achieve intercommunication, message, cost query, commodity ordering, household appliances management, temperature and humidity control, etc.


                  Screen Customization for Touch Think Industrial All-in-one Panel PCs

                  1. High-light screen: default 400cd/m2, support customization to 1500cd/m2.

                  2. Photosensitive head: customize the screen brightness automatically based on ambient light.

                  3. All perspective: standard 160°, 178° WVA customized.

                  4. Touch screen: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, IR touch screen or mouse control.

                  5. High resolution screen: customize higher resolution than standard LCD screen.

                  6. Screen size: support to customized screen.

                  7. Others: explosion-proof, anti-glare, dust-proof, water-proof, electromagnetic screen.

                  Other Customization for Touch Think Industrial All-in-one Panel PCs

                  1. Appearance customization: support appearance design, sample customization.

                  2. Working temperature: standard temp is -20~+70°C, we can customize wider working temp: -30~+80°C.

                  3. LOGO customization.

                  4. System software customization: compatible with all software requirements.

                  5. I/O ports customization: support adding more ports according to your demands.

                  6. Wide voltage: 12V-24V.

                  7. Special materials: for special occasions.

                  8. IP grade: The industrial PCs can be customized fully-sealed dust-proof and waterproof.


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