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                  Industrial Monitors With Touch Screens For Workstations 19.1"

                  Size: 19.1

                  Touch Think 19.1" monitor screen, 10mm front bezel industrial monitor is designed to provide high quality picture and advanced features for reliable operation in harsh factory environment for many years.

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                  Industrial Monitors With Touch Screens For Workstations 19.1"

                  Touch Think 19.1 inch flat panel industrial monitor display offer premium quality in harsh industrial 

                  environments. IP65 rated dust-proof and water-proof for front panel in outdoor applications or any

                  workstations. Aluminum alloy enclosure and chassis , Heavy-duty Bezels ensure a longer display 

                  service life. Provide OEM such as scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, anti-glare.

                  LCD Display Monitor

                  Touch Think Industrial Monitors Features

                  ● Display clear, sharp images even in bright, direct sunlight

                  ● Support 300 ~ 1,500 nits brightness

                  ● Industrial components and motherboard ensures maximum vibration and shock resistance

                  ● Support lockable OSD (On-Screen Display) controls

                  ● Available IP65 dust-proof and waterproof enclosure (front face)

                  ● Compatibility: The industrial monitor can be connected to lots of devices with HDMI/VGA/DVI 


                  ● Capacitive Touch: Connect it with your device via HDMI/VGA/DVI cable, then power the monitor 

                     via the included DC cable. The function of touchscreen functions when the monitor is connected 

                     with your computer/laptop/raspberry pi via USB cable.

                  ● VESA: Slim and Lightweight monitor with a sleek and metallic finish. The monitor can be wall 

                     mounted via 75mm×75mm VESA ports or settled on the desktop with the stand, embedded into 

                     cabinets, etc.

                  ● Support Plug-and-play function.

                  ● 3-Year Warranty.

                  Sunlight Readable LCD Display

                   Application of Touch Think Industrial Monitors

                  Industrial Display

                  Screen parametersScreen size19.1 inch

                  16:10 widescreen

                  Gray-scale response time5ms
                  Panel Type IndustrialControl A style TFT
                  Point distance


                  Backlight type LED, use length≥50000h
                  Display color


                  Visual angle160/160 (Customizable 178° full view angle)
                  Brightness 400cd/m2 (customizable high brightness)
                  Touch typeResistive / capacitive / infrared touch screen 
                  Number of touches≥ 50 million times
                  Other parametersPower Supply4A External Power Adapter
                  Power Performance100-240V, 50-60HZ
                  Input voltage12-24V
                  Anti-staticcontact 4KV-air 8KV (can be customized ≥16KV)
                  Power ≤48W
                  Anti-vibrationGB2423 standard
                  Anti-interference EMC|EMI anti-electromagnetic interference
                  Dustproof and waterprooffront panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof
                  Housing MaterialBlack/Silver, Aluminum Alloy
                  Installation methodEmbedded, desktop, wall-mounted, cantilever
                  Ambient temperature<80%, non-condensable
                  Working temperature-10°C~60°C (customizable -30°C~80°C)
                  Language menuChinese, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian
                  O/I interface parametersSignal Interface DVI, HDMI, VGA
                  Power connectorDC with ring attachment (optional DC terminal block)
                  Touch interfaceUSB
                  Other interfacesAudio input and output

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